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The Helen Appreciation Society!

For all things Helen Moore. We love her so much =3

Helen Moore
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Welcome to the Helen Appreciation Society.

Please join to show your support for our favorite Helen Moore and all she's done for us.

Even if you dont know who Helen is, it would be really nice if we could show her how many people love her if you join. If you do join we'll give you happiness. We promise. We have a little box that makes hapiness. It's bloo.

Remember, keep punching those bags.

The Dynamic Duo~
shpbex and xandar

Helen Moore is sex.

Messages for Helen~ (Number of messages so far: 09)
xandar: "Hey Helen, if you ever see this, this community is for you =D I hope you like the photo we picked, I thought it was a really nice pic, you genuinely look happy in it =D It's when we were going to film, remember? Yes you do. You actor you ^_~;"
shpbex: "The lovely Helen Moore. What is there I can say about you? Aww, look at you, you little sweetie. *stroke hair* so soft *drools*. Im honoured to know you, and we all love you Helen. Luuuurve yooooou!!!"
sharpanter: "Awwr...
Looks so sweet an' purdy an' cute. I like you, Helen! So nice. Possibly even my favourite among those of the fairer sex, you are! Keep up the good work! An' be well, hear?"
imaginedheart:"Hi Helen. I know you dont know me and I dont know you, but you must be a very very special person for people to make a community just for you. Stay special and stay beautiful. Kaz xxxxx"
private_random: "Bonjour Helen or even..........Hello Helen! You don't know me and I don't know you. I have to say you do look like something special, so special that you got these fine peeps joining this fine community to say something special about you. :) You are a star to these people."
jotun_neko: "W00, I don't know you and you don't know me *flashes* o.o"
ickledemon: "j'ai été incité pour venir chez cette communauté par ma fille xanni. J'écris ceci de sorte que vous sachiez qu'il y a des amoureux de vous partout dans le monde. particulièrement ici en Suède, où nous parlons français, la langue de l'amour. J'aimerais rester et parler des merveilles de Monsieur Helen, toute la journée, cependant, j'ai beaucoup de lesbiennes à svp. bonne journée à vous Monsieur Helen. un bon nombre d'amour, le lapine lesbien magique"
alomiakoda: "Helen you rule :D:P"
bournecrazy: "remember me helen? i used to sit next to you in science n annoy u all the time - especially on a friday afternoon. anywayz hope ur doin well n your right in most things you say i should of listened 2 you all months ago even when i didnt believe you, but i do now even if its taken me 2 years to believe you. (you know what im on about). Wish you all da best, Lúv KeLZ xXx"

Leave your own message for Helen! Simply make a post in the community with the subject "Message for Helen!" and we'll post it here in the profile! If she actually gets to see it one day, they'll all be waiting here for her!