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Helen Update!

Good evening ladies and gentlemen! shpbex and xandar here, bored, so we thought we would give you an update on your favorite woman of the year!

Helen is currently in Biology studying hard for her exam. If you leave a few comments on here wishing her good luck, I am sure when we show her this community she will appreciate it =D

Remember to keep advertising this community, we need 75 members so we can show Helen how much she is loved!

xandar has some Helen Wallpaper in store for you lucky people, and soon we'll probably be printing t-shirts and mugs! Keep your eyes peeled, who knows what may come in the future!

Helen doesn't like exams, as shpbex and xandar have found out, and she isn't looking forward to her exams. Helen always 'feels ill' if it's just a general studies exam, bless her.

It's her party soon and we're all going to get pissed. shpbex and xandar are going to bring round Hedwig and the Angry Inch, and dress up Sian and Helen as Cybergoths. =D

Helen was just made to watch her new upcoming film Fatal Concepts and she hated it even though we convinced her that she looks great in it. It took xandar and Sian 20 minutes to convince her to watch these scenes with her in - we just wanted to show her how good she looks on film! Christ, she's so paranoid about how she looks - she was absolutly brilliant.

We'll post the film on this community soon - she'll need all the support she can get!

Ahh that was fun anyway.

shpbex and xandar signing out
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